Reese Witherspoon and Nicole have both earned Lead Actress nomination for Big Little Lies and the show itself earned 16 nominations. The nominees for major categories including Best Drama Series, Best Comedy Series and Best Limited Series were announced live by Anna Chlumsky and Shemar Moore.

Lead Actress In A Limited Series Or A Movie

Carrie Coon, “Fargo”
Felicity Huffman, “American Crime”
Nicole Kidman, “Big Little Lies”
Jessica Lange, “Feud”
Reese Witherspoon, “Big Little Lies”
Susan Sarandon, “Feud”

Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Limited Series Or Movie

David Thewlis, “Fargo”
Alexander Skarsgård, “Big Little Lies”
Alfred Molina, “Feud”
Stanley Tucci, “Feud”
Bill Camp, “The Night Of”
Michael Kenneth, “The Night Of”

Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Limited Series Or Movie

Judy Davis, “Feud”
Jackie Hoffman, “Feud”
Laura Dern, “Big Little Lies”
Shailene Woodley, “Big Little Lies”

Michelle Pfeiffer, “The Wizard Of Lies”

Limited Series

“Big Little Lies”
“Feud: Bette and Joan”
“The Night Of”

Outstanding Casting For A Limited Series, Movie Or Special

“Big Little Lies”
“Freud: Bette and Joan”
“The Night Of”
“The Wizard Of Lies”

Outstanding Cinematography For A Limited Series Or Movie

“Black Mirror: Nosedive”
“Big Little Lies: You Get What You Need”
“Fargo: The Law Of Vacant Places”
“The Night Of: Ordinary Death”
“The Young Pope: Episode 1”

Outstanding Contemporary Costumes For A Series, Limited Series Or Movie

“This Is Us: Moonshadow”
“Big Little Lies: You Get What You Need”
“Empire: Light In Darkness”
“Grace And Frankie: The Art Show”
“Transparent: To Sardines And Back”

Outstanding Directing For A Limited Series, Movie Or Dramatic Special

“Fargo” directed by Noah Hawley
“Big Little Lies” directed by Jean-Marc Vallée
“Freud: Bette and Joan” directed by Ryan Murphy
“Genius” directed by Ron Howard
“The Night Of” directed by Steven Zaillian

Outstanding Single-Camera Picture Editing For A Limited Series Or Movie

“The Night Of: The Beach”
“Big Little Lies: You Get What You Need”
“Fargo: The Law Of Vacant Places”
“Fargo: The Narrow Escape Problem”
“Fargo: Aporia”

Outstanding Hairstyling For A Limited Series Or Movie

“American Horror Story”
“Big Little Lies”
“Freud: Bette and Joan”

Outstanding Makeup For A Limited Series Or Movie

“American Horror Story”
“Big Little Lies”
“Freud: Bette and Joan”

Outstanding Music Supervision

“Better Call Saul: Sunk Costs”
“Big Little Lies: You Get What You Need”
“Girls: Goodbye Tour”
“Master Of None: Amarsi Un Po”
“Stranger Things: Chapter Two: The Weirdo On Maple Street”

Outstanding Sound Mixing For A Limited Series Or Movie

“Big Little Lies”
“The Night Of”
Sherlock: The Lying Detective

Outstanding Writing For A Limited Series, Movie Or Dramatic Special

“Black Mirror”
“Big Little Lies”
“Feud: Bette and Joan – And The Winner Is… (The Oscars Of 1963)”
“Feud: Bette and Joan – Pilot”
“The Night Of”

Check the complete list here. The winners will be announced on Sunday, September 17, with Stephen Colbert hosting, on CBS.

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Entertainment Weekly has published exclusive first looks at A Wrinkle In Time, due in theaters March 9, 2018. Director Ava DuVernay, fresh off of heavy projects like the civil rights drama Selma and her criminal-justice exposé 13th, was drawn to dabble in uncharted sci-fi territory upon discovering author Madeline L’Engle’s novel as an adult.

Reese Witherspoon plays Mrs. Whatsit, the youngest of the three celestials, “clocking in at a prepubescent 60 million,” laughs Ava DuVernay, the director. “I was looking for that innocence, that thing Reese plays so well, but also that great power and precision, and funny. The character has so much funny going on, you really need someone who’s proven and who’s done a bit of it all, and that’s Reese. It was so lucky that she was a fan of the book and wanted to come play with me.”

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Six complex women — also including Nicole Kidman, Jessica Lange, Elisabeth Moss and Chrissy Metz — debate the power and pain of strong females (onscreen and off-) amid a culture of discrimination in the industry and beyond: “I don’t think we’ve ever seen this much misogyny.”

When Oprah Winfrey decided to adapt The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks for HBO, she had two actresses in mind to play the role of Lacks’ daughter Deborah. But HBO Films president Len Amato wasn’t interested in her casting ideas: He wanted the media tycoon to be involved onscreen as well as off-. And after some heavy arm-twisting and a little time to get comfortable with the idea, Winfrey, 63, agreed — in part because the role allowed her to showcase, as she puts it, “a whole range of craziness.” It’s the opportunity to explore those layers of character and emotion that has drawn her and five other stars — Nicole Kidman, 49; Reese Witherspoon, 41; Elisabeth Moss, 34; Jessica Lange, 68; and This Is Us breakout Chrissy Metz, 36 — to work on television, as they revealed during The Hollywood Reporter’s annual Drama Actress Roundtable discussion on a Hollywood soundstage in May. “We have the opportunity to show the entire spectrum of human emotion that women have,” says Witherspoon, who, like Kidman, is a producer and star of HBO’s Big Little Lies. “We aren’t just the wives and the girlfriends. We are actually living, breathing people who have insecurities.” During the course of an hour, the six spoke candidly about the unexpected rewards and residue that come with inhabiting complicated women.

You have tackled ageism, sexism, misogyny, depression, domestic abuse, adultery and rape. When was the last time you were genuinely nervous to tackle a storyline?

OPRAH WINFREY (The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, HBO) I was genuinely nervous to take on the role of Deborah Lacks because look at this table. I come as the least experienced person at this table. I come as a person who has great respect for the craft of acting — and for years interviewing actresses and being inspired by actresses, but not developing the craft. I was really afraid to do that.

Afraid of what, exactly?

WINFREY I was afraid of making a fool of myself! (Laughter.)

NICOLE KIDMAN (Big Little Lies, HBO) That’s every day.

REESE WITHERSPOON (Big Little Lies, HBO) What are you talking about?! The Color Purple is so amazing.

WINFREY When was that? That was like 30 years ago now. And let me tell you what actually made me even more intimidated: I just finished doing a film with Reese and Ava DuVernay and Mindy Kaling [A Wrinkle in Time], and I just happened to ask Reese, “How many films have you done?” And you said, “Oh, honey child …” (Laughter.)

WITHERSPOON Do you all know how many movies you’ve done?

WINFREY You said, “I don’t know, 100 or so.” I was thinking, “Oh, God, I hope she doesn’t ask me because my number will be like, five, maybe?”

CHRISSY METZ (This Is Us, NBC) Oh, I’ve got you beat. I’ve done maybe one independent movie.

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Here it is the first look in Home Again, which is set to hit theaters on September 8. Written and directed by Hallie Meyers-Shyer in her directorial debut, Home Again is a story of love, friendship, and the families we create.

Reese stars as a woman who recently separate from her husband (Michael Sheen) and decides to start over by moving back to her hometown of Los Angeles with her two young daughters. During a night out on her 40th birthday, Alice meets three aspiring filmmakers (Pico Alexander, Nat Wolff, and Jon Rudnitsky) who happen to be in need of a place to live. Alice agrees to let the guys stay in her guest house temporarily, but the arrangement ends up unfolding in unexpected ways. Alice’s unlikely new family and new romance comes to a crashing halt when her ex-husband shows up, suitcase in hand.

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I’ve been updating the gallery with Reese’s recent public events appearances such as a conversation on stage during the Milken Institute Global Conference on Wednesday and honoring Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell receive their stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Thursday afternoon. And of course, more pictures from the MET Gala. Make sure to check them out!

Reese teared up while speaking at Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn’s Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony. She talked about framing a text message she received from Goldie Hawn, and her first email address.

Gallery Link:

Public Appearances > 2017 > “Rei Kawakubo/Comme Des Garcons: Art Of The In-Between” Costume Institute Gala (05.01)
Public Appearances > 2017 > Key Speakers at the 2017 Milken Conference (05.03)
Public Appearances > 2017 > “Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell” Honored with a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (05.04)

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