“Big Little Lies” Review: Moms Fight Dirty in HBO’s Wicked (Good) Miniseries

It’s tempting to take one look at the multimillion-dollar homes and luxury cars the characters have in Big Little Lies, and ask: “How can these people have any problems?” But as one character says, “You can’t make a perfect world. No matter what, s—t happens.”

S—t most certainly does happen in the star-studded HBO miniseries (debuting Sunday, Feb. 19 at 9/8c), including a grisly homicide that sends shockwaves through the seaside community of Monterey, California. But the great thing about Big Little Lies is: The murder is almost beside the point. The vicious battle for power and status waged between the Monterey moms is gripping enough, and serves as a showcase for some fantastic female performances.

Monterey is a town of big fake smiles and passive-aggressive politeness, and its filthy-rich moms take the term “helicopter parent” to a whole new level. (As one neighbor puts it, they’re more like “f—king kamikazes.”) That includes Madeline (Reese Witherspoon), a hard-charging “super mom” whose parenting isn’t all that super, and Celeste (Nicole Kidman), whose picture-perfect marriage is developing some cracks around the edges. The sense of place here is excellent, immersing us in a pristine yuppie utopia where these alpha moms rule with an iron fist.

The arrival of Jane (Shailene Woodley), an unpolished single mother with a checkered past, sparks a savage rift between the moms — with their kids getting caught in the crossfire. And we know someone ends up dead, with flash-forwards to a crime scene and nosy neighbors eagerly telling cops all the local gossip they’ve overheard. But the four episodes screened for critics not only don’t reveal the killer; they don’t even reveal who died. And it’s actually a brilliant storytelling choice, because you start to look at everyone as a potential suspect and victim.

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“Big Little Lies” Review: Reese Witherspoon Is So Damn Good

HBO’s trashy murder thriller features a stacked cast of phenomenal actresses. But Reese Witherspoon’s foul-mouthed housewife is the biggest revelation—and reason to watch. Read the review from The Daily Beast:

Tracy Flick has grown up and she thinks you’re a c*nt.

Big Little Lies, HBO’s splashy, trashy thriller with a stacked cast of women (Nicole Kidman, Shailene Woodley, Laura Dern, Zoe Kravitz) giving explosively fun performances, is a feat if for no other reason than giving Reese Witherspoon the best showcase of her talents since she played the ruthlessly ambitious teen in 1999’s Election.

Two decades, an Oscar, a reign as America’s Sweetheart, and a production company championing female-driven material later, she plays the impressively named Madeline Martha McKenzie, a ferocious master manipulator with far worse things to say about people than the aforementioned c-word.

She’s a Monterey, California, housewife whose venom-dart tongue fires bullseyes on the backs of all the mothers of the first grade class her precocious daughter Chloe attends. That is, all of them save for Kidman’s regal, warm Celeste and Woodley’s anxious, lonely Jane, both whom she guards with more lioness-cub fierceness than even her own kids.

Whether she’s ruling that her ex-husband’s hippie new wife “probably gives mint flavor organic blow jobs” or being self-aware about her hell-hath-no-fury reputation—“I love my grudges. I tend to them like little pets.”—Madeline is a hurricane and a hoot, brought back to earth by the wild complexity Witherspoon gives her.
She’s wily, wanton, and unapologetic one moment, vulnerable and empathetic the next, and through it all jarringly relatable—were we all lucky enough to spew out such David E. Kelley-penned unfiltered arias to express our own frustrations.

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