A truly great romantic comedy is hard to come by these days. All too often we’re subjected to tired cliches, overused personality types, and slapstick comedy in the place of a predictable but uplifting movie about love. With that said, How Do You Know is the rare gem of a love story that has all the right moves: big laughs, enchanting characters, and a sweet aftertaste.

The latest from writer/director James L. Brooks (As Good as it Gets) centers on Lisa (Reese Witherspoon) and George (Paul Rudd), as they each face a road block in their thirty-something lives. Lisa, an aging softball player who believes strongly in age-old affirmations, has just been cut from the national team and is struggling to figure out how to spend her time, and more important, whom to spend it with. George, a goofy good guy, thinks he has it all together until he’s subpoenaed at work for suspicion of stock fraud and is facing the real possibility of facing jail time for a crime he didn’t commit.

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Reese stopped by Barneys in Beverly Hills on December 16, perhaps to do a little late holiday shopping. She looks happy! And as I promised, I´ve added the pics to the gallery.

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In recent posts, I posted a short clip of the interview on Ellen Show. Now, you can see the entire interview watching the video below. It’s really funny! She talks about Christmas gifts, animals, her co-stars, how was filming How Do You Know and more.. And I’ll make the screencaps soon! Check out!

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I’ve just added over 400 HQ pictures of How Do You Know World Premiere in Los Angeles on December 13. She looks gorgeous, happy and friendly as ever with the fans! Check out!

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I´ve added on the gallery the new wallpaper from How Do You Know film. New stills and images were released too and you can check (for now) on the official website of the film, clicking here. You can also check out the videos and meet the characters too. I’ll upload everything in the gallery later ok?

How was the movie yesterday? Hope you all enjoyed!

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