New How Do You Know Wallpaper

I´ve added on the gallery the new wallpaper from How Do You Know film. New stills and images were released too and you can check (for now) on the official website of the film, clicking here. You can also check out the videos and meet the characters too. I’ll upload everything in the gallery later ok?

How was the movie yesterday? Hope you all enjoyed!

WFE Official Wallpapers

As promised, I added the official wallpapers of Water for Elephants in our gallery. So beautiful! Check out!

Thinking about Christmas presents

Reese does some Christmas shopping at the purse counter at Barneys New York yesterday in Beverly Hills. The 34-year-old actress recently talked about her split from Ryan Phillippe in 2006:

“I don’t have anything to hide. I don’t feel shame or embarrassment for the things I’ve gone through,” she told USA Today. “What experience have I had that millions of other women haven’t had? And men, too. There’s nothing rarefied about my experience. We’re all just people.”

“I don’t think about the marriage thing as much,” Reese replied when asked about marriage and children. “But it would be nice. I believe in it. I really do. It kind of redefines itself for you. I’m more clear, or realistic, about what it is.”

The candids are super cute that day but I’m having a problem with our gallery and I’ll only add the candids (and the caps I promised) later, ok?

Thanks JustJared

Reese on Ellen Degeneres Show

After bringing her special holiday tea for Ellen, Reese shared some photos and stories of her animals – including her donkeys: Honkey and Tonkey.

Watch the short clip of Reese’s interview on Ellen Show today. I just love when she appears on Ellen! She always brings something to eat there! It´s really funny. I’ll add the screencaps of the entire interview later okay?

Reactions from the media to the Water for Elephants Trailer

I found some reviews and expectations to the WFE trailer. I´ll also add pictures from How Do You Know Premiere and new Official Wallpapers of WFE soon.

Entertainment Weekly

Robert Pat­tin­son looks like a man in the adap­ta­tion of Sara Gruen’s best-seller Water for Ele­phants, act­ing oppo­site Oscar win­ners Reese With­er­spoon (the beau­ti­ful per­former his char­ac­ter, a vet­eri­nary stu­dent in charge of car­ing for a trav­el­ing cir­cus’ ani­mals, falls for dur­ing the Depres­sion) and Christoph Waltz (Witherspoon’s hus­band, the troupe’s ani­mal trainer). Direc­tor Fran­cis Lawrence seems to be chan­nel­ing Tim Bur­ton, and it works. The music lures you in, as does the always affect­ing Hal Hol­brook, who plays Pattinson’s aged char­ac­ter recall­ing the story of “the most famous cir­cus dis­as­ter of all time.” The finest com­pli­ment you can give a trailer for an adap­ta­tion is that it makes you want to read the book. This one does it for me.

People Magazine

For­get Bella! Robert Pat­tin­son woos Reese With­er­spoon in the new trailer for the film adap­ta­tion of Sara Gruen’s best­selling novel Water for Ele­phants, which is due in the­aters in April 2011. Pat­tin­son plays Jacob, a vet­eri­nary stu­dent who joins a trav­el­ing cir­cus dur­ing the Great Depres­sion. He falls for the show’s sul­try star Mar­lena (played by With­er­spoon), who’s involved with the Ring­leader, played by Christoph Waltz. “You’re a beau­ti­ful woman, you deserve a beau­ti­ful life,” Jacob tells Mar­lena, but the Ring­leader seems deter­mined to keep them apart. Sounds like a love tri­an­gle of Twi­light pro­por­tions!

Thanks ThinkingOfRob

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