As I promised, I made screencaps of the talk shows Reese appeared in December. I already had caps from Letterman but you can find them all here anyway. Now, I just upload the gallery with the rest. You can check her appearance on Chelsea Lately and the Ellen Show. I recommend watching them again too!

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I found new HQ stills from How Do You Know and I´ve just added here. Pictures of funny and great moments in the movie. I hope everyone had fun watching! Now, check out!

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I´ve added some HQ pics of Reese walking and smiling in Brentwood, Los Angeles on January 3. She was very cute as always! Check out in our gallery!

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The Oscar winner’s talent agent beau, Jim Toth, popped the question with a 4-carat Ashoka diamond set on a pavé diamond and platinum band. Toth worked closely with the William Goldberg Diamond Corporation to design the ring.

He is said to have been inspired by the story of the original Ashoka diamond owned by Ashoka the Great, India’s emperor from 304 to 232 B.C. who is known for, among other things, his Buddhist faith and promotion of love and compassion. Less than 10 percent of rough diamonds possess the potential to become an Ashoka-cut diamond with 62 displayed facets and rounded corners.

Sounds stunning!



I was visiting websites with Reese´s news and I found an old interview, in theory, but very very cute and interesting (and cool)! She talks about her children. Check out (again)!

When she’s not working, Reese Witherspoon is a full-time dedicated mom to her two kids, daughter Ava, 11, and son Deacon, 7. And although plenty of kids would think having Witherspoon as their mom would be considered cool, the 34-year-old recently revealed to MTV News while promoting her upcoming film How Do You Know that it’s the other way around: Her kids are the cool ones.

“They’re into the White Stripes right now. They’re both learning to play the electric guitar, and it’s kind of awesome,” she said. “They’re playing ‘Seven Nation Army’ around the house.”

An 11-year-old girl and a 7-year-old boy into the White Stripes? We have to agree, she has cool kids.

“That’s the thing too: Having kids that grow up in L.A., the sophistication level is totally different,” she explained. “They are only into songwriters who write their own music, and I’m like, ‘Wow, I was not that sophisticated as a child.'”

Witherspoon once told Parents magazine that her kids with ex-husband Ryan Phillippe keep her grounded. “Realizing you’re not anything special to the kids is always a great sort of reminder that you’re just a regular person,” she said. “A regular embarrassing old mom. They know what I do for a living — that I’m an actress — but they haven’t seen any of my movies. Yet.”

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