Ryan talks about Reese’s engagement

Ryan Phillippe made a comment to the New York Daily News about Reese’s engagement with Jim. Check out what Ava and Deacon’s father told about that:

Ryan Phillippe has given his first public comments about ex-wife Reese Witherspoon’s engagement to Jim Toth.

“I’m very happy for both Reese and Jim. I wish nothing but the best for the mother of my children,” Phillippe says in astatement to the New York Daily News.

Phillippe and Witherspoon divorced in 2008 after seven years of marriage.

They have two children together – daughter Ava and son Deacon.


Reese and Jim are engaged?

According to JustJared and OkMagazine the couple are engaged. Congratulations, Reese.

Reese Witherspoon is set to marry boyfriend Jim Toth, her rep confirms to JustJared.com.

“They are extremely happy,” her rep told Us Weekly.

The actress, 34, and Jim, 40, an agent at Hollywood talent agency CAA, began dating at the beginning of the year and went public with their relationship during a romantic weekend in Ojai, Calif.

Reese is definitely happy, in love and definitely wants to settle down,” says a pal.

FYI: Reese has two children, Ava, 11 and Deacon, 7, with ex-husband Ryan Phillippe.

Congrats to Reese and Jim!!!

Click here to read what OkMagazine said about this.


New version of Water For Elephants Trailer

Check out the final version of Water for Elephants Trailer. In this one, some scenes are extended and some new scenes were added. Enjoy.

Reese talks about How Do You Know in a new interview

In this interview Reese talks about How do you know and tells us about a weird date that she has gone. Reese also talks about aging in her carrer like her character in the new film. Read the article and see:

How do you know it’s not working? Ask Reese Witherspoon, who goes on the date from hell in “How Do You Know.”

In real life, she says, “once I went on a blind date and he corrected my grammar. I knew in the first 10 minutes that the date was over.”

In the new romantic comedy, Witherspoon plays an athlete who must chose between two suitors played by Paul Rudd and Owen Wilson.

Q. What was it like to play a more non-sentimental woman who is confused about love?

A. It was interesting. I’ve done a lot of comedies where the woman talks about the man. She runs around going, “What should I do?” She cries to her girlfriends about love. The woman I play in this movie has a hard time conveying her own emotions. She doesn’t even really want to talk about things. She says to her boyfriend, played by Owen Wilson, “If I wake up in the middle of the night crying, just ignore me.” No woman would say that in real life to her boyfriend! I usually play more verbal characters. This woman is more internal.

Q. You play a woman who is not that interested in settling down and getting married. Can you relate?

A. I have a lot of friends like that. This role was written so beautifully. I love that she’s not afraid to be honest about not wanting what other women want. Obviously, it’s not like me. I have two kids and a very settled-down life.

Q. Your softball player character must leave the sports biz because she’s getting older. Ever worry about aging in Hollywood?

A. It’s a parallel to being an actor. As a woman, we have a time. It’s our time to work, we work a lot, and then hopefully you shift and become the Meryl Streeps or Diane Keatons of this business. I do know actresses have a shelf life and an expiration date.


Reese on Chelsea Lately (Video)

Watch the interview below!

“I literally think I look bad in every picture,” she confided on Chelsea Lately tonight, enjoying a reunion of sorts with her This Means War costar, Chelsea Handler.

“I don’t know, who feels good looking at themselves?” the Oscar winner wondered, acknowledging thatalso she hates watching herself on film. “Nobody, right? It’s torture. Why would you want to watch yourself being stupid and pretending to be somebody else?”


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