Reese Witherspoon was guest on tonight’s episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. The post might have an upgrade with the video when is out but you can check the pictures from the show in our gallery.

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Reese Witherspoon and Matthew McConaughey visit AOL BUILD to discuss their new movie Sing at AOL Studios in New York City today.

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The animated musical Sing features the voices of Oscar winners Reese Witherspoon and Matthew McConaughey, who sit down with Matt Lauer live on TODAY to talk about the film. Reese says the movie “will be relatable to moms, and kids will appreciate their moms more.” But despite Matt’s coaxing, McConaughey is reluctant to sing “Call Me Maybe” as he does in the film.

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Reese attended the Sing Premiere in Los Angeles on December 03 and you can find more than 400 pictures in our gallery. She was incredible wearing an Elie Saab dress. Don’t forget: Sing is set to hit theaters on December 21.

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The cast of Sing posed with animated animal counterparts in exclusive photos for Entertainment Weekly. You can find the photoshoot in our gallery.

“There’s something really wish-fulfilling about it all,” Witherspoon tells EW of the project. “We all have secret desires and part of us feels like no one sees our real talent, or our sort of true self. My character is the mom who does everything for everybody, and nobody seems to notice that she has bigger dreams and desires. I think there’s something really beautiful about our secret dreams being fulfilled.”

Witherspoon has gone down the animated route before (“My secret trick is eating M&Ms — they make me go completely nuts,” she giggles) but is in new territory with such a starry cast, a red-hot director in Jennings, and executive producer Chris Meledandri, the overseeing mind of Illumination.

As is the case with big-ticket animated films, much of the cast didn’t get to work together, but Witherspoon says the experience was a bonding exercise regardless. “I thought they did a really nice job connecting us…we sort of became a little family, because none of us really saw each other [during] the process, so the little times where we would touch each other’s shoulders or hold hands or encourage each other were unexpected for me,” says the Oscar winner. “Because I hadn’t done it with Matthew. I didn’t see Scarlett the whole time. I never even met Jennifer Hudson!”

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