Reese Witherspoon Shares Her Spiritual Beliefs On ‘Chelsea’

What are Reese Witherspoon’s spiritual beliefs? That’s what Chelsea Handler wanted to know when she hosted a dinner party with the Legally Blonde star, rapper/actor Common and writer Negin Farsad, where the discussion focused on religion.

In a candid conversation about religious intolerance, Reese expresses her disgust at people who manipulate religion to promote hateful agendas. She reflects on her Episcopalian roots, stating that she is still uncomfortable taking the Lord’s name in vain (unlike her infamous character, Elle Woods!).

“I truly believe you’re on a spiritual path that is yourself. We’re born alone and we die alone,” Witherspoon said, also sharing her beliefs on an afterlife. “I think we go to heaven. I think you get an angel and the wings and a halo and the thing and all that.”

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Olivia Holt wants Reese Witherspoon to be her mother

The 18-year-old American singer and actress, Olivia Holt, has admitted she has long admired the Legally Blonde star and is desperate to play the 40-year-old’s on-screen daughter or relative on a film in the future.

Speaking openly to People about her ultimate icon, the blonde beauty said: “I’ve been a fan of her [Reese] forever. I just want her to be my mom in a movie, or like my cool aunt. One of the two, I’m okay with either/or. I don’t even care if she’s my mom or my cool aunt. I’ll be an extra.”

(Photos) Yummy Spoonfuls At Target Launch Event

Reese had attended a launch event for Yummy Spoonfuls, a Target’s line of flash-frozen baby foods, alongside Anne Hathaway, Camila Alves McConaughey, Agatha Achindu, Tamera Mowry and Soleil Moon Frye.

Also, if you follow Reese on Snapchat (SnapsbyReese), she took some photos and posted videos during the event. Make sure to check out the pictures in our gallery:

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Maureen Sherry talks about Reese and Pacific Standard

Karina Huber from CCTV asked the author, Maureen Sherry, how she feels about Reese playing her lead character’s role in the film adaptation of Opening Belle. As you might know, Warner Bros. is moving ahead with Reese Witherspoon’s Wall Street comedy “Opening Belle,” tapping Matthew Aldrich to adapt Maureen Sherry Klinsky’s upcoming novel. Reesen and Bruna Papandrea set up the project in June through their Pacific Standard banner with Reese starring.

The novel, due to be published by Simon and Schuster next year, is a comedic version of a woman juggling motherhood with a career on Wall Street in 2007, when she must deal with the impending financial crisis while raising three children. The novel is loosely based on Klinsky’s real-life experience working as a managing director at Bear Stearns.

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